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Services and Rates

Investing in massage is an investment in your health.

Bodywork Services currently available:

  • Relaxation: This massage modality is for clients seeking relaxation only! Clients can expect gentle, flowing, kneading, rocking, brushing, stretching strokes of the superficial somatic layers of the body to foster a deep sense of relaxation and overall well being.  
  • Signature Massage: This Deep Tissue massage is a signature blend of therapeutic massage techniques designed to bring about effective, individualized, rehabilitative and restorative somatic change all tied together in a cohesive flow. Clients can choose moderate to very deep pressure.      
  • Deep Tissue Focus: This work is intended to focus/target specific somatic issues without the flowing transitions of traditional massage. This is often a very active bodywork session where client will be asked to change positions, move, resist and or activate various limbs and or muscle groups.  This is not a passive or intentionally relaxing massage.

 Bodywork Rates: 


  • Signature Bodywork       $130 (90min) / $165 (120 min)
  • Deep Tissue Focus         $100 (60 min) / $130 (90min) / $165 (120 min)
  • Relaxation                        $90 (60min) / $120 (90min)


Serving 2 Locations: San Francisco and Oakland

2636 Ocean Ave San Francisco, CA 94123 (Sun-Mon) &

35 Embarcadero Cove Oakland, CA 94606 (Wed-Sat)

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